Provide the World’s Greatest Care With Zemplee Updates for Alexa

Experience the new era of smart caregiving changing the lives of
clients and companies alike. Check in with your clients on demand with smart, voice-activated passive monitoring solutions.

Alexa has a brand new skill! Introducing Zemplee Updates

Zemplee Updates provides caregivers with instantaneous information like bed exits, bed checks, vitals, and activity -- from anywhere!

Multiply Caregiver Capabilities

Provide The State of The Art in Care

On Demand Health Metrics & Updates

Zemplee Updates for

Senior Living Facilities

Zemplee Updates connects caregivers to groups of patients or clients seamlessly providing vital information and on-demand assistance.

Monitor Several Rooms at Once

Enhanced Safety and Digital Security

Customizable Smart Environment

Zemplee Updates for

Connected Home Care

Zemplee Updates lets caregivers and adult children check in without invading clients or patients’ daily routine. Give them freedom while elevating care.

Updates At Home or On The Way

Automated Digital Assistance Programs

Low Touch, High Care Environment

Connect to

Seniors can make use of Alexa in their homes/rooms while their family members can receive Zemplee Updates on the Alexa app or an Alexa device

Zemplee Updates Keeps You Connected, Always Through Phone, Device and Web Access

With Zemplee Updates, each senior’s environment is an extension of their care, and caregivers can connect to them from anywhere, at any time. Simply put, it’s the smarter way to care.

5 Minutes to Smarter Care

Here’s How You Can Install The Zemplee Updates Skill for Alexa

If you have a Zemplee account and an Alexa device, you are already 90% of the way there! We recommend having your Alexa companion app, device, and Zemplee portal ready.

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