Covid Safety Check List

New Covid Subvariant Eris Causing Rise In Cases

Covid cases are once again on the rise. The sub-variant EG.5 “Eris,”

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a young woman with her elderly mother smiling

How Zemplee Utilizes Remote Health Monitoring to Increase Average Length of Stay in Senior Care Facilities

The world of senior care is rapidly evolving, with innovative technologies paving

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average length of stay, occupancy rates, length of stay, LOS medical abbreviation

The Powerful Impact of Longer Length of Stay (LOS medical abbreviation) on Boosting Occupancy Rates in Senior Living

While attracting new residents is important, one often overlooked factor in boosting

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a barbie doll

Barbenheimer: Bridging Generations – How the Two Movies Speak to the Elderly

“Barbenheimer” has not only captured the hearts of younger audiences but has

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orange skies due to wildfire

Coping With the Effects of Wildfires: A Guide for Seniors

As wildfires become increasingly prevalent in many regions of North America, the

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Enhancing Quality of Life: Strategies to Increase Average Length of Stay in Senior Care Facilities

Senior living facilities play a vital role in providing long-term care and

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