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Frequently Asked Questions

How will adding Zemplee’s Remote Patient Monitoring solution benefit my practice?

Zemplee offers our partnering providers the opportunity to administer an additional layer of care any would be patient and their families will be attracted to. AI powered sensors and devices will keep a watchful eye on your patients overall condition creating the ability to intervene BEFORE an episode occurs. Zemplee will keep your patients in the comfort of their homes and out of the hospital. Expanded, smarter care equals increased revenues and healthier patients.

What specific patient data is collected?

Zemplee’s unique AI powered solution combines the tracking of standardized daily activities with the tracking of certain critical biologic measurements. By marrying the monitoring of BOTH behavioral and physiological health data, Zemplee is able to provide a distinct scan of a patients overall condition, real time. Data collected daily is compounded and stored to create an elongated health picture rather than a simple “snapshot”.

Will it be difficult for a patient/resident to install and setup the Zemplee monitoring solution?

Infact, there is ZERO install and setup required. A Zemplee affiliate team member will be dispatched to provide a quick and minimally invasive installation of our solution devices.

How often will residents/patients need to report their personalized health data?

Again, there is ZERO reporting needed. Patients assume normal daily activities while Zemplee’s AI powered devices automatically report daily data. 100% passive!

How much will this program cost?

If a patient has Medicare AND one chronic condition, the program can be billed for, resulting in no cost to that patient. If a patient does not have Medicare but still wishes to enjoy 24/7 guardianship provided by Zemplee, they are able to purchase the program direct, for a small monthly payment.

Remote Patient Monitoring requires 20 minutes of clinical oversight, who is authorized to provide review of individual patient/residents daily health data?

Per Medicare guidelines, RPM review may be performed under “general supervision” of the ordering physician; meaning either the ordering physician, their auxiliary clinical staff or ANY on-site medical staff is able to review daily health data. Additionally, if non of these aforementioned options are available due to limited bandwidth or other prohibiting factors, Zemplee is able to offer a helping hand from its in-house team of medical professionals, as an add-on service option.

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