Aging 2.0 Webinar: When Caregiving Calls – A Fireside Chat with Aaron Blight

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January 27, 2021

This is a recording of a previously organized live event hosted by Aging 2.0 Los Gatos Chapter.

CARING FOR A PARENT, SPOUSE, OR RELATIVE who cannot care for themselves due to age, infirmity, or illness is one of the noblest human activities. It’s also one of the most stressful,
posing challenges that can be painful, confusing, frustrating, and deeply rewarding—sometimes all at once. When Caregiving Calls is an invitation to a deep conversation about caregiving and its meaning for you.

Please join us for a virtual fireside with Dr. Aaron Blight on his book launch – When Caregiving Calls. 

Dr. Aaron Blight has lived the caregiving experience many ways—as a family caregiver for a mother-in-law struggling with cancer as it stole her mental clarity and ultimately her life; as the owner of a home care company that supported thousands of families living their own versions of a similar journey; and as a researcher, lecturer, and consultant traveling the world to learn from family caregivers and their professional helpers. Now he shares his insights in eighteen brief, thoughtful chapters that examine the many facets of caregiving. He explores how caregiving reshapes family relationships, challenges comfortable assumptions, and stresses your ability to manage your time, energy, and emotions. He shows how the changing mental and physical. state of a loved one can lead to growing vulnerability, need, and loneliness on the part of  care receiver and caregiver alike. He shares stories—poignant, funny, and often inspiring— that vividly capture the unique daily realities of the caregiving life. And he offers candid, practical advice that can help family caregivers do a better job of coping with the physical, psychological, social, and spiritual challenges they face.  

When Caregiving Calls will be an invaluable resource for many of the estimated 53 million Americans currently providing care to a loved one or family member.  

About Aaron Blight

AARON BLIGHT, ED.D., is an International Speaker and consultant on caregiving, aging, and health care. He is the founder of Caregiving Kinetics, a firm that offers caregiving consulting throughout the world, and has been recognized as a Top 100 Healthcare Leader by the International Forum on Advancements in Healthcare. Aaron’s passion for supporting caregivers is rooted in his personal experience as a family caregiver; his professional background as the owner of a large home-care company and as a leader at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services; and his study of caregiving as a phenomenon of social science.

Aaron serves as an adjunct professor at Shenandoah University, an honorary board member of the Well Spouse Association, and an advisory board member of the Shenandoah Area Agency on Aging. He holds a doctorate degree from The George Washington University, a master’s degree from the University of Baltimore, and a bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University. Aaron and his wife, Jessica, live outside of Washington, D.C., in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. They have four children and two grandchildren. Aaron enjoys exercise, music, travel, cats, and ice cream.

Dr. Blight speaks with groups all over the world about caregiving. In workshops and conference talks, he invites participants to think deeply about the meaning and significance of their individual caregiving experiences. He attends caregiver support groups to facilitate discussions related to his book, When Caregiving Calls.

For more information about Aaron Blight, please visit his website at www.caregivingkinetics.com.

About Aparna Pujar 

Recognized for her solution oriented thinking and energetic leadership style, Aparna Pujar has created a dynamic career as an entrepreneur, product visionary, and technologist. With a career spanning over 20 years in business, engineering, and product leadership roles, Aparna has brought world-class products to technology companies focused in areas such as media, healthcare, and retail and in her current role as the CEO and founder of Zemplee.

Prior to Zemplee, Aparna worked as a Product Head and lead several strategic initiatives for Big Data and AI. Prior to eBay, she was the Director of Media and Front Doors at Yahoo! – and launched Yahoo!’s Sports and Entertainment Media verticals which were ranked Top 3 worldwide in their categories. Prior to Yahoo!, Aparna was Director of e-Commerce, at Omnicell, where she started as an Engineer and quickly rose to own general management responsibilities for their e-Commerce Platform. Aparna is an alumna of the Stanford Business School, Master’s Degree in Engineering Management from Santa Clara University and has a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from India.

Among Aparna’s wide-ranging accomplishments, she became the co-inventor of methods and systems for consolidating purchase orders in 2011. Aparna Pujar has also been a guest speaker at various conferences and summits, offering her expertise on “The Innovation Enterprise” at the Social Media & Web Analytics Innovation Summit, “Women 2.0 Conference” for Next Gen Women and “Behavior Data at eBay” at the 2nd Annual Global Big Data Conference. She is also passionate about creating more opportunities for female entrepreneurs in the tech sector.

Aparna is an active volunteer and is on the Board of EnActe Arts – a Theatre Arts Company, an Ambassador for Parikrma Foundation, a Education non-profit focused on providing world class education to children in slums in India and is a task force member for VC Taskforce. 

These events are organized through Aging 2.0. For more information on Aging 2.0, please visit www.aging2.com

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